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Chef's Table

Chef’s Table by Buddy

Buddybkkofficial & Gift Hem Gastrosophy ภักษาโอชารสกิฟท์, we are team of 13 ppls would like to thank you to all 16 guests who supports for amazing each 4 nights. We are glad to serve you the delicious chef’s table course and supper communal experience. We r looking forward to meet all of you next pop up “Chef’s Table x Supper Club”

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Private Supper Night by P’Goi Anja Kinn

Thank you to all Guests on Private Supper Night with P’Goi Anja Kinn Villa from Cnx at ภักษาโอชารสกิฟท์ #ครัวตึกแถวบ้านๆ as of Sunday 25th Nov ‘18

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